Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mustard Yellow Lace and Felt Flower Clip - Precocious Paper

When people meet my little girl, the first thing they usually say is, "Look at all that curly hair!" She does have quite a bit of hair, although I wish the sides and back would catch up ;). The next question is sometimes, "Did you dye it ombre?" Of course I didn't, but she was born with very dark hair and it is now growing in bright blond. Her ombre is totally natural.

The next comment is usually about her pretty blue eyes, but then the conversation generally returns to her hair. Well, her hair clips and head bands, that is. I'm often asked if I make them myself, and the answer is almost always yes! I've been dying for years to make my flowers into headbands for a daughter of my own. Nearly every outfit has its own hair accessory. Adlyn wore this flower clip with her new vintage dress this past Sunday to church.

I have been selling these Lace and Felt flowers in my shop for several years now. This color, though, is one of the new colors I'll be offering soon. I love a pretty mustard yellow!

While I generally sell the flower appliques on their own, I do accept requests to make custom headbands and hair clips with them. For this clip, I secured the Lace and Felt flower to an alligator clip lined with a no-slip grip. I added felt leaves and finished the back of the clip with a circle of the same mustard yellow felt for comfort and a clean look.

I think the size is perfect. At just about 2.5 inches across (not including the leaves), the flower is just big enough to get noticed, but not so big that it overwhelms her pretty little head. And Addie is petite. She is 7 months old, but only in the 5th percentile for weight. She may look like her brothers, but she's a mini version ;).

If you are interested in any Lace and Felt flowers, or custom headbands or clips, please visit my shop, Precocious Paper, and let me know. I'd love to help accessorize your little one! Have a great day! Tessa

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