Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello Friend

I had the itch to make a card, so inspired by this post at Moxie Fab World, I took some time this evening to create.  I took on the "Fun with Fabric" challenge and came up with this everyday card.

I used two of the handmade yo-yo posies you can find in my Etsy shop, Precocious Paper, here.  I didn't stop there with the fabric, though.

First, I used acid-free spray adhesive to coat a spare piece of cardstock.  Next, I placed a scrap of fabric lightly on the cardstock.  As I pressed the fabric into the adhesive, I pleated, wrinkled and crinkled the fabric.  I let it set for a few minutes then cut the landscape shape with a pair of scissors, trimming it to the size of my card.  I love the dimension the little wrinkles give the background, as well as the texure of the fabric.

Today is the first day of a free online class called "Creativity Bootcamp".  I opted to use an ivory-colored cardstock because the word of the day is "ivory".  At first I reached for kraft, but I'm glad I went with ivory :).  I think my hand-doodling and handwriting pops more that way.  I have no idea what to expect from this course, but I do always enjoy hearing other people's perspective on being creative, and I hope to learn a lot about myself and be inspired in the next two weeks.

I hope your weekend was fabulous!  Tessa


  1. Oh this is so charming!! im excited about the course as well!

  2. Hey Tessa! Thanks for entering the Fun with Fabric challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you played along! :)

  3. CUTE card, my friend! looks fab!



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