Thursday, December 11, 2014

Easy-peasy Mini Glittery Garland - Love My Tapes

At this moment, we are experiencing the worst storm we've seen in six years. Winds are supposed to reach 70 miles per hour, and right now, they are knocking over my backyard fence. We've got sand bags around the house's low spots, the trampoline is upside down, and we're bracing for several inches of water. Winter in California :).

Since the only errands I need to run today are school runs (yes, school is still in session), I'm getting ready to settle in with some wrapping and crafting. I have an easy gift wrap idea and tutorial up on the Love My Tapes blog:

Using Love My Tapes' Glitter Paper, I punched an even number of pinked circles (from the prize ribbon punch by Jenni Bowlin). The paper is adhesive backed, so I simply peeled off the backing and sandwiched the twine between two shapes. Easy-peasy:

This box is from DCWV. If you have a local JoAnn store, go check out the boxes. They have several sizes in several colors. They also have nesting boxes. I'm using them like crazy this holiday season for gifts. The quality is awesome and the price is great, too.

Thanks for stopping by today! Stay warm and dry :). Tessa

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Headband - Pretty Little Studio

Hello there! Today I am sharing a quick and easy holiday bow that I made for Addie. Using Pretty Little Studio flair, I whipped up this darling headband in about ten minutes:

I made a simple red felt bow, and then instead of wrapping the center of the bow with more felt, I glued a piece of flair. I love the red bird flair from Pretty Little Studio. You'll be seeing more of it in my December album.

I attached the bow to gold glitter elastic that I measured for Addie's head. She was too under-the-weather to pose for pictures wearing it, but I assure you that she looked adorable. Even with a runny nose and glassy eyes ;).

I think the flair would look darling on a paper bow on a card or scrapbook page, too. You can see my post at Pretty Little Studio here. Thanks for stopping by today! Tessa

PS - Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming Pretty Little Studio line, You & Me. I can't wait, it is SO darling!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Story - The Studio Challenges

When people remark about my kids' blond hair, they are usually surprised when I tell them that I was born blond (my husband, too!). My hair is much darker now, but here's proof that once upon a time, I had blond locks like my kiddos:

Aren't those pigtails adorable? I can't wait until Addie's hair is long enough for pigtails! The latest challenge at The Studio is to create a page about a childhood memory. I recently stumbled upon this photo of myself (3 years old maybe?) and decided to make my layout about my early memories of frilly, pretty dresses.

I used Maggie Holmes' Open Book collection. I thought it was the perfect compliment to my theme. The Open Book bobby pins are adorable, and they even work well in Addie's hair, but they are awfully bulky on a layout. A mini album cover would be fine, but I had to alter this pin for my page. I snapped the back of the pin off and used hot glue to adhere it to the tag. For all you knew, that cute little deer was pinned to that tag, huh?!

I have fond  memories of twirling in dresses and I'm sure those early years are the reason I look for vintage dresses for Adlyn. I wish my mom had saved mine.

If you'd like to play along at The Studio Challenges, you can find the challenge post here. Thanks for stopping by! Tessa

Friday, December 5, 2014

Front Door Friday - Santa Wreath - Pretty Little Studio

Hello! I'm excited to share with you a new wreath, made with Pretty Little Studio paper ribbons:

I started by wrapping a wreath base with plain white yarn. Once completely covered, I wrapped fuzzy yarn every half inch or so around the wreath. Last, I crisscross wrapped a sparkly white yarn around the wreath. The effect is soft and the sparkle and texture are subtle.

The big impact comes from the red and white striped ribbon. I used this same ribbon for another project that I'll share later this month. It's my favorite at the moment :). It was a wired ribbon that I picked up on Black Friday for just a couple of dollars. I didn't need the wire, so I simply cut the ribbon to the length I wanted and then gently pulled the wires out. Pretty easy with a grosgrain ribbon like this.

The paper ribbons by Pretty Little Studio come from the Santa Claus line. That line, as well as all of Melissa's other holiday lines, are absolutely adorable! I'm making my December album with a mix of the collections and I can't wait to share.

You can find this project, as well as the photo that inspired it, at the Pretty Little Studio blog here.

Thanks for stopping by today and happy Friday! Tessa

Monday, December 1, 2014

Festive - DCWV

K. Young Photography - original image - pin

Hello! I cannot believe it's December 1st. Where has 2014 gone?! Spending a year watching a newborn turn into a toddler has the same effect as a fast forward button. To slow down time a little bit, I printed photos from last December for the latest sketch challenge at DCWV:

I'll let the journaling fill you in on the backstory:

Here's the sketch that inspired the page, created by my friend Valerie Mangan for The Studio Challenges:

I turned the sketch sideways and simplified a few of the details, focusing on the stars and the layers of patterned paper.

I used the Christmas Basics 6x6 Stack, the White Embossed 6x6 Stack, DCWV cardstock and DCWV glitter paper. The alphas are American Crafts, and the tiny alpha stickers are from the dollar spot at Target. I bought a few of these sheets because I love them so much :).

As always, there is a card sketch, too. Inspired by the layout sketch, I created this design:

My week was a little crazy with the holiday and some family under the weather, so I didn't get a sample card made - yet :(. You can see what the design team did with the sketch, though. Check out the challenge post here.

I hope your December is beautiful and filled with the happiest of moments :). Thanks for stopping by! Tessa

Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Mini - DCWV and Spellbinders + Tag Tutorial

Hello! I am so excited to be a part of the Spellbinders Partner Hop! If you've just happened upon this post and would like to participate from the beginning, please go here. If this is your first time visiting Precocious Paper, welcome. I hope you visit again soon :). I have been a member of the DCWV design team for 2 1/2 years and a big fan of Spellbinders for quite some time. When the opportunity came to combine these two great companies, I jumped at the chance! But enough about me. On to my project ;).

For this Christmas mini album, I worked with DCWV's new Storybook Christmas Stack, Christmas and Winter cardstock mat stack, Printed Burlap 6x6 Stack, and some additional glitter paper and cardstock. From Spellbinders I received Holiday Sentiments and Flurries.

I really enjoyed the Holiday Sentiments dies and placed them center stage in my album. From the album's title... the tags on several pages, these cute cursive words were the perfect touch. Cut from DCWV's glitter cardstock, they were a dream to work with.

If you'd like to make these simple tags, the process is easy. Gather a tag base, thread, washi tape, your die-cut sentiments and any other embellishments you'd like.

Cut a long length of thread and secure it to the back of your tag with washi tape. Wrap the thread around the tag multiple times, again securing the end with washi tape.

Add a bit of adhesive to the back of your words and secure to the tag, tucking the words under some of the threads. Add embellishments.

I also really enjoyed the Flurries die. I've never worked with such a large, detailed die before, so I was sure to follow the instructions carefully. I am so glad I read the tips about running it through several times, adjusting the orientation of my die/cardstock, and adding a shim. The tips worked beautifully and cutting several panels with this die was actually fun ;). There's something satisfying about popping out all those little pieces ;).

I wanted the Flurries die to have a prominent place in my album, so I made additional pages with the cut Flurries panels and the burlap papers by DCWV. Because the burlap is backed with paper, it was easy to adhere the Flurries pieces to the backside of the burlap. I really love the kraft of the burlap paper showing through the bright white of the cardstock. I plan to add typed journaling strips to the burlap sides.

I have posted the entire album in my gallery here, but here is a quick snapshot of several of the pages:

The Storybook Christmas Stack, burlap stack and glitter cardstock are the perfect companions to such pretty holiday dies. Thank you to both Spellbinders and DCWV for such amazing products to work with. I am going to really enjoy filling my album with Christmas photos this season.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the Spellbinders hop! Good luck winning all those fabulous prizes ;). Thanks for stopping by :). Tessa

New Art Journal - Love My Tapes

Hello! I'm excited to share with you a new ongoing project - my art journal. When I say "art journal", I mean my baby-steps venturing into art journaling. I'm not a really messy, artsy kind of girl, but I've been itching to play with stamps and watercolors, so I've decided to create this book of quotations. I'm going to play, get my feet wet, but it will be pretty clean and simple. All of the quotes will come from LDS General Conference addresses. The first two I created were chosen because gratitude has been on my mind all month:

For this page, I used pink airmail washi tape from Love My Tapes. You can read more about it at the Love My Tapes blog here, including a tip for using the right ink for washi tape.

I LOVE the Open Book collection by Maggie Holmes, and I am obsessed with these flower and leaf die-cuts. Every single line of scrapbooking supplies should come with a package of die-cut flowers and leaves. In my opinion ;).

I used a $5 set of watercolors from Michaels to paint "grateful". I really like the contrast of the ballet pink and teal.

For this page, I used My Mind's Eye washi tape and more Open Book flowers. I went with yellow and green because I love the way those two work together.

I love how this quote is a gentle reminder to stop complaining ;).

I also love stamping one letter at a time. I could hand write the quotes, but stamping them forces me to take time to ponder the words. By the time I finish, I have a better understanding of what the words mean than when I started.

I'm behind on sharing my Attitude of Gratitude posts here on the blog, but I do intend to catch up this week. If we're Facebook friends or you follow me on Instagram, you know I had a crazy week with much to be grateful for. ;)

Attitude of Gratitude day 17: I'm grateful for my boys' teachers. I say this every year because parent teacher conferences always fall in November, but it's true. Some years I connect with their teachers more than others. Some years the boys connect with their teachers more than others. Most years are relatively smooth and successful. Others are hard. This has been a hard one. So much adjusting, growing up, and learning how to parent three students instead of just two, and all that with a baby. But I'm so grateful for all that my boys' teachers do, and even if I don't care for policies or curriculum, I'm behind them 100% because they are literally raising my kids with me.

Thanks for stopping by today! Tessa

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dude! - The Studio

Happy Sunday! There's a new challenge up at The Studio today. It's our monthly sketch challenge, and I'm honored to have had a layout from August be the inspiration for the sketch :). Here's my take:

And here's the sketch alongside the original layout:

I usually have a hard time scraplifting myself, so I went with a photo of my son and a masculine theme so that  it felt "new". I'm pretty happy with the result!

I used a lot of Crate Paper, a little Basic Grey, Pinkfresh Studio, and Studio Calico stars (clear and wood veneer).

If I don't use flowers, stars are my next favorite :). I thought the mix tapes were a great trade-off for the flowers in the original layout, too.

If you'd like to play along, you can find the challenge post at The Studio here. Be sure to check out the design team's layouts, too. It's really fun to see all the different takes on my design ;).

Attitude of Gratitude....

I have a bit of catch-up to do! Let me explain.... Have you ever lost something, or it broke, and you didn't realize how much you depended on that thing until it was gone? Yeah, that was me this past week with my iPhone, which won't be fixed until Monday night. I was tracking all of my Attitude of Gratitude photos and thoughts on my phone, so until I can properly retrieve them and post them, I'm just going to move on.

Attitude of Gratitude Day 8: I am grateful for the service men and women who have proudly and honorably served in the military to secure and protect my freedoms. I am grateful for their families. I am grateful for their sacrifices.

For the past four years we've held a "Veterans Appreciation Night" for Cub Scouts. We invite the veterans from church, our families and our community. We prepare a program for them that includes patriotic songs, skits, and projects the boys have been working on about citizenship. The veterans share stories about their service. We present the veterans with a token of our appreciation. It's a really meaningful and fun pack meeting.

Last night, our gathering activity was "bootcamp" - an obstacle course with jumping jacks, army crawling and target practice. The Webelos incorporated Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance into our flag ceremony. The wolves sang a song and we all sang the Star Spangled Banner together. The bears shared posters about what makes America special and how to be a good citizen. We heard amazing stories about Christmas Eve in a foxhole and being chased by submarines while crossing the Equator. But my favorite moment of the night was when one veteran shared about the cost of service. He wanted the boys to understand that they could help veterans who had returned from war disabled. He talked about physical scars, but more importantly, he talked about mental scars. A lot of adults are squeamish about talking to young people about mental health, but I think, done in an age-appropriate way like this veteran did, it promotes understanding and compassion. He listed different organizations and encouraged the boys to find ways to serve these veterans. I am grateful for his perspective and that he shared those thoughts with the boys.

One of my goals for Attitude of Gratitude this year is to act on my gratitude more frequently. I'm taking that goal to den meeting this week. We will be writing thank you notes to the veterans who attended our pack meeting. We will also be putting together a care box for a young man from church who is currently serving in the Army. I hope the boys make the gratitude-service connection. They're great kids ;).

Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with Attitude of Gratitude on the next couple of days :). Thanks for stopping by! Tessa

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Love Your Company - DCWV

Hello! How is November treating you? Mine has been a mix of things to be grateful for and things I can't wait to move on from. Thus, not posting Attitude of Gratitude Sunday. Or yesterday. But -- I am going to catch up! Ready?

Day 3 (yes, I'm skipping day two, but I'll get to that tomorrow): I am grateful for the one-on-one time I get to spend with Addie.

I generally plan my day so that if I need to run errands, it happens between Kindergarten drop-off and school pick-up. That means it's just Adlyn and me. I know that the next five years are going to fly by, so I'm relishing this school day time we have together. Last week I decided to document an afternoon of errand-running, and these are a few photos from that day.

I created this layout using the November DCWV Stack-a-holic Challenge sketch, which you can find here. I used the Sweet Blossom Stack, the Printed Burlap Stack, and the Embossed Cardstock Stack. I love the different textures and prints!

The flair is by A Flair for Buttons :).

I also had the opportunity to design the card sketch for the challenge this month:

With gratitude in mind, I created two "thank you" cards. I was making this pretty literal interpretation of the sketch when I decided I actually wanted to make a horizontal card. So, I quickly finished this one with a wooden flag sentiment and moved on:

Still working with all the scraps from my layout, I created this horizontal version:

I love it. I love that the sentiment is of gratitude, but not just "thank you". And I love the colors and the light, brightness of the white woodgrain cardstock and airy tissue paper.

Speaking of thank you cards, I am going to be sharing thank you cards (complete with original sketches!) all month long, so if you're a fan of cards, be sure to keep checking back :).

Thanks for stopping by today! Tessa