Thursday, November 21, 2013

DCWV and Clear Scraps Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to my stop on the DCWV and Clear Scraps blog hop! If you've arrived here by chance and would like to start at the beginning, click here. If you are hopping along, you should have just paid a visit to Thomisia.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Clear Scrap's All Mixed Up album. It's a cascading album, one where each page has a different edge. I also worked with DCWV's Jolly Whimsy stack, available at Michaels stores. Jolly Whimsy is an adorable Christmas stack. The soft colors, the cute illustrations, and the pretty patterns inspired me to create this baby's first Christmas album:

My baby girl won't be celebrating her first Christmas until she is nearly one year old, but my little niece, Isla, is just a few months old and celebrating her first holidays now. Her mama is a big instagram fan, and since this album is a great size for filling with instagrams, I thought I would make her an album ready for photos.

I had some fun working with the acrylic pages. First, every I backed the acrylic pages with patterned paper, rather than covering every acrylic surface. This took some tricky planning so that my adhesive didn't show through, but it was worth the extra effort. Second, I bought some paint pens to doodle on the pages with. I used a gold metallic paint pen to make polka dots, and then I used a white paint pen to doodle and write with. I loved that technique!

Here are a few of my favorite details:

If you'd like to see every page of my album in detail, I shot this little video for your viewing pleasure. I used my iPhone instead of my tripod and video camera (it's just too hard to set that all up with my belly sticking out so far!), so I apologize for the bumpiness ;). Also, baby girl is making it hard for me to fill up my lungs, so I tend to get a little breathless ;). At any rate, here goes!

If you'd like to be in the running for one of two prize packages from DCWV, be sure to leave a comment on every stop of the hop. Please note: I screen my comments, so if it looks like your comment didn't go through, it likely did and I just need to approve it. You have through Sunday to enter at the DCWV blogs. Don't forget to hop through the Clear Scrap's team Sunday and Monday.

Your next stop is the lovely Rita! Enjoy the rest of the hop and have a great day! Tessa

Monday, November 4, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude 2013 - Day 4

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I have always loved this analogy. It clicks, really resonates with me. I often think of my blessings, the things I'm grateful for, as gifts. And one of my biggest gifts is this little man:

It's sinking in that these are the last few months that Jaxon will be "the baby". He will always be "my baby" and my baby boy, but these are the last moments of just me and him at home together. Soon, our lives will be enriched and blessed with little sister, but it's bittersweet in a way. I've really appreciated our one-on-one time lately. I've tried to take advantage of every bit of it. Tonight, after the boys went to bed and while Daddy was working on a project, Jaxon helped me pick up a bit in my craft room. When we finished putting my washi tape in rainbow order, I held up my hand for a high five. When he didn't notice, I said, "Hey! Where's my high five?" He gave my hand a slap and said, "Hey! Where's my hug and kiss?!" Mama heart = melted. I'm so grateful for this little man. Like I said on instagram, he blesses me more than I could ever hope to bless him.

Thanks for visiting :). Tessa

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude 2013 - Day 3

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For a very long time, we lived too far from church to walk. There were times when we'd have to drive for miles. Even though it was never really that far, I always wished we lived close enough to church to walk. There's something about walking and being in nature that prepares you a bit more spiritually, and helps the messages from church to sink in a little deeper before arriving home. When we moved back to California three years ago, we were fortunate enough to move into a place just one street over from our church building. Now we walk whenever we get the chance!

When I do drive, the boys usually still walk home. It is so fun to "race" them! I basically let the car crawl along while they huff and puff to reach home first. When they are older, and too cool to race the car, I am sure I am going to treasure memories like this :).

Thanks for stopping by! Tessa

Attitude of Gratitude 2013 - Day 2

Pinned here. Illustration by Jen Troyer.

One of my goals this month is to think about the small, everyday things that I often take for granted. I pinned this image during the past year and have enjoyed the reminder that I am blessed - I just need to take the time to remember that.

So, I am grateful for hot showers, especially after a long weekend of dance. I've always loved a good, long, come-out-of-the-water-red kind of shower. I'm grateful that I get one from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by! Tessa

Friday, November 1, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude 2013 - Day 1

I am grateful for the privilege I have to bring children into this world.

As I woke up with pregnancy aches and pains, feeling like I must not have slept because I was still so tired, I chastised myself and remembered - be grateful that you can actually do this. This print, pinned here and found for purchase on Etsy here, is something I think I could use in my bedroom.

Honestly, I do not really enjoy being pregnant. Sometimes I have to remind myself that rather than complain about my temporary discomforts and challenges, I need to be grateful that carrying this baby is possible. I am. I am grateful that I can hear her heartbeat. I am grateful that I can feel her kick and stretch and - I swear, she does this - do cartwheels. I am grateful to know that she is growing well. And, even though I'm so excited for her to arrive in January, I am grateful for 13 more weeks to get ready!

Are you celebrating gratitude this month? I'd love to know how! Feel free to link me up in the comments. I'll be continuing my Attitude of Gratitude posts here and on Facebook, as well as joining in with Paper Issues on instagram. I'll be sharing projects throughout the month, too. Thanks for stopping by, and happy November! Tessa