Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GCD Studios Update

With school back into full swing, I have taken a look at some our routines from last year that could use some tweaking (or complete overhauls!). One thing we've struggled with is storing and organizing homework supplies. We've tried several things, but finally, this project that I shared on the GCD Studios blog on Tuesday seems to be working best.

Last year each of my boys had their own pencil box filled with the same supplies. It didn't work very well, and I'll tell you what I learned.  Without a specific home for everything within the box, it was hard for my boys to know what was actually there. Scissors can drown in a sea of coloring crayons, you know. They could leave a glue stick out one afternoon and not realize it until the next day (after little brother ran away with it).

The compartments in this particular box will help my boys to see all of their supplies at a glance. If a compartment is empty, something must still be out.

So far, so good. The box is holding up quite well, the supplies haven't gone missing, everything is still in its proper place.... My fingers are crossed that this will continue to be a good solution for the rest of the year. And isn't that school-themed paper the cutest? Love those pencils :).

Did you know that GCD Studios has a monthly newsletter? Heidi Sonboul does such a great job with it. It's filled with layouts and projects that you won't see on the blog, as well as tutorials, designer features, and news about upcoming events and contests. Just send an email to to be added. Here's a layout of mine that was included in a recent newsletter:

And after you've signed up for the newsletter, be sure to check out the kit of the month. To win one, see this post for details.

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  1. What a pretty layout! Love the homework box idea too!

  2. next year my homework box for the kids will have compartments--definitely a necessity I am learning lol! love that beautiful layout too :)


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