Monday, December 12, 2011

Cupcake Poppy Invites

Hello! This week is shaping up to be a very busy week. It's only 8 am Monday morning and I already have three surprise hitches to my previously planned schedule. But, I'm going to stay positive and calm and do my best to keep the spirit of the season around me as I check off my to-do list. From what I'm seeing on Facebook and Twitter, I am not alone in this holiday craziness :). Good luck to all of you who are just as busy (if not more!). Before things got too busy to blog, I wanted to share a set of invitations that I made:

My sister-in-law, my husband's baby sister, is celebrating her 16th birthday on the 16th. She decided long ago that I would be throwing her the party at my house, and I couldn't say no! This is us earlier this year :).

Anyway, we planned a chocolate-themed, Sweet Sixteen, Golden Birthday party. I thought my Gold Metallic Cupcake Poppies were the perfect embellishment for her invitations, especially since we are decorating cupcakes as part of the festivities.

I layered a doily, piece of ribbon, piece of tulle, then the cupcake poppy and felt leaves. I used a decorative corner punch to dress up the paper, but kept everything else really simple.

They were a hit and Clarissa was excited to pass them out to her friends. I'll let you know how the party went next week :). Thank you for stopping by. I'm off to tackle #1 on my to-do list today - etsy orders! Have a good one! Tessa


  1. These are really cute! I bet she will have a great 16th!

  2. what a sweet way to use those poppies, sounds like a great party!!

  3. I think you deserve a golden star for hosting a teenagers birthday party!
    lovely invitations!

  4. Lovely! Looks like it will be a very sweet party!

  5. the invitations are gorgeous! and the party sounds like it will be lots of fun--you cant go wrong with cupcake decorating!


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