Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hello there....

Hello there :). It's been a while since I posted last. The past two weeks have been a challenge for our family, but they've also been sprinkled with blessings.

Jaxon's namesake, Great Grandpa Buys, left this world for the next, incidentally on my husband's birthday. We gathered as family and told stories. Listening to my husband's aunts and uncles reminisce about their father was a precious experience. The service itself was beautiful - simple, heartfelt, full of love - just like Grandpa Buys. The weekend following the service, a meteor shower was at its climax and we gathered together again as family and gazed into the stars while eating popcorn - a Sunday tradition for Grandpa (and Grandma) Buys. I saw twenty-two shooting stars that night, and couldn't help but look into the heavens and know - just know - that a Heavenly Father who created such an amazing place for us to live in now also has an amazing home for us after we die. That families are forever. That the bonds we have here can carry over to the next life. That family is oh so very important.

The following week brought an awful stomach virus to our home. My oldest came to me in tears complaining of pain, so off to the doctor's we went, fearing that it might be appendicitis. The verdict was a virus (thank heavens!), and as Colten got better, Jaxon and I got worse. But it's over now and everyone was healthy enough to start school today.

Josh and I also celebrated our 10th Anniversary :). I can't believe I have been married for a decade. Wow. We have a getaway trip planned and I'm excited to spend some one on one, quality, extended time with him.

I have been creating - the etsy shop has been buzzing, I've been doing a lot of design team work, and I've even managed to get a head start on my sister's wedding. Here are a couple of recent projects for Epiphany Crafts. First, we teamed up with Little Yellow Bicycle to feature EC and the Splash line. Please click on the photos for better views. For some reason things are looking blurry until you do...

This summer, my boys finally learned to love the water. This mini album is about their pool adventures at soon-to-be-uncle Karl's house.

I've got more photos of this album in my flickr photostream here. Also for EC, I created this card for my husband. I plan to give it to him before we leave on our trip:

The challenge was to use the circle and square tool. I thought that paired together, they make a great hot air balloon.

Well, I'm off to entertain the lone 3 year old. Poor guy lost his playmates to their first day of school. I can tell he really misses them :(. I hope the past two weeks have treated you well and that you are having an awesome day :). Thanks for stopping by! Tessa

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's grandpa. The meteor shower sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate family and everything that is most important.

    Loving all of your creations!


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