Monday, October 29, 2012

Grateful - GCD Studios

Featured on the GCD Studios blog last Friday...

Let's talk turkey. With all the die-cut machines available to us, it's easy to find a turkey for die-cutting. But what if you don't have a fancy machine, or there just isn't a turkey out there to suit your fancy? I've got an easy alternative for you - one full of texture and interest:

It's all in the feathers! I found several different kinds of feathers at my local craft store that matched the color palette of my layout - including pink! The rest of the feathers are hand-cut from patterned paper - no machine or punch or die needed. Even the turkey's body is hand-drawn.

Here's how to make your own glamorous turkey:

1. Cut several feather shapes from patterned paper.

2. Feather style #1 (brown): simply score the center of the feather and lightly crease.

3. Feather style #2 (pink): score the center of the feather and crease. On an angle, cut from the outside edge of the feather toward the crease. Do not cut all the way to the crease. Do this on both sides of the feather.

4. Collect real feathers in a variety of shapes, styles and colors.

5. Draw a turkey's body. It should resemble a bowling pin, but be shorter and pudgier. Cut it out and use it as a template to cut the shape from patterned paper.

6. Punch a circle of cardstock smaller than the turkey's body. Using hot glue, glue the feathers to the top 2/3 of the circle.

7. Using dimensional adhesive like pop dots, glue the turkey's body to the feathered circle.

8. If you'd like, add eyes, a beak and a snood.

Before you go make your own fabulously feathered turkey, let me leave you with this thought (which inspired this layout):

Speaking of being thankful, my annual Attitude of Gratitude blog event will begin Thursday, November 1st. I'll be sharing the details in the next couple of days :). Thanks for stopping by today! Tessa


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