Friday, March 8, 2013

Lunch Date - SEI

While we lived in Wyoming, my husband was able to come home for lunch almost everyday. I loved that time of the day to spend with him. Since being back in California, lunch dates are few and far between. On special days, like birthdays and anniversaries, I'll make the trip to him. It doesn't happen often, though. I took this instagram photo of us on a lunch date last year:

I have wanted to scrapbook this photo for a long time, but because it is so washed out, I never found quite the right papers to use. Then SEI released the Mia Bella line. It includes a patterned paper called "gallery walk" that features paint drips and splatters in beautiful colors. I knew it would make the perfect backdrop for my instagram shot.

You can read all about the details of this page on the SEI lifestyle blog here. I had a lot of fun working with this gorgeous new collection and will definitely be putting it to use more in the future.

You can see the Mia Bella line here. Online photos do not do it justice. It's truly a very pretty collection. I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Thanks for spending some of it here :). Tessa


  1. This is fantastic! I love those paint spatters! Totally works with the pic!

  2. wow this is GORGEOUS!- I really like the touch of flowers!!


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