Friday, November 1, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude 2013 - Day 1

I am grateful for the privilege I have to bring children into this world.

As I woke up with pregnancy aches and pains, feeling like I must not have slept because I was still so tired, I chastised myself and remembered - be grateful that you can actually do this. This print, pinned here and found for purchase on Etsy here, is something I think I could use in my bedroom.

Honestly, I do not really enjoy being pregnant. Sometimes I have to remind myself that rather than complain about my temporary discomforts and challenges, I need to be grateful that carrying this baby is possible. I am. I am grateful that I can hear her heartbeat. I am grateful that I can feel her kick and stretch and - I swear, she does this - do cartwheels. I am grateful to know that she is growing well. And, even though I'm so excited for her to arrive in January, I am grateful for 13 more weeks to get ready!

Are you celebrating gratitude this month? I'd love to know how! Feel free to link me up in the comments. I'll be continuing my Attitude of Gratitude posts here and on Facebook, as well as joining in with Paper Issues on instagram. I'll be sharing projects throughout the month, too. Thanks for stopping by, and happy November! Tessa


  1. BEAUTIFULLY put Tessa--you look FABULOUS!!

  2. You look great! We all need to remember to be grateful sometimes


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