Friday, May 23, 2014

Front Door Friday - The Boy is Coming Home!

Hello! Today's Front Door Friday is a bit of a departure from my previous Front Door Friday posts. You see, today my oldest returns home from his first trip without family. He and the other 5th graders from his school went away to a science camp and I've been missing him terribly since we dropped him off Monday morning. He comes home this afternoon, but I won't be here to welcome him :(. I have to be at work. I tried to figure out a way to get out of it, but I just couldn't make it happen. So, since I can't welcome him home with open arms, I decided to welcome him home with decorations! When my hubby brings him home and pulls up in the driveway, this is what he will see:

"Welcome home Colten!" on the garage. Balloons.

More balloons. And a message from mom on the door.

It's a little bit silly, but I know he's gonna grin. Colten's love languages are words and time. He will read my words and he will notice how much time I spent putting up the decorations. When I get home I'll give him a huge hug that will probably be a little awkward (because he's 11 and physical touch is SO not his love language). And then I'll fill his bucket with more words (listening to everything that happened and asking questions) and more time (staying up as late as we want because of the holiday weekend).

So, today's Front Door Friday isn't a pretty wreath, but I hope you're inspired to celebrate one of your kiddos in a simple, special way. And don't worry, I have a gorgeous mini wreath ready to share with you next week! Thanks for stopping by today! Tessa

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