Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mom & Addie - Scrapbook Circle

Next to my laptop is the layout I'm sharing today, and I just noticed the arrows. One points across, moving on. Two more point downward, focusing attention on the important parts of the page:

What's that phrase about life imitating art? I'm having one of those weeks with arrows pointing in all directions. No corner of my life has been left untouched by both blessings and challenges in the past few days. While feeling especially stressed out yesterday, I received news that my grandpa had passed away. In the chaos I paused, prayed for my family, and regrouped my thoughts. Life on this earth comes to an end. Time - my one little word - is precious. I can choose to spend my time grumbling about needing a new roof and cleaning up the leak in my kitchen, or I can be grateful for my house, for the rain we so desperately need, and for the people helping us. I can spend time stressing out over circumstances beyond my control at work, or I can channel that energy into positive thoughts and actions. Life is going to be a combination of ups and downs and sideways no matter what I do, so I choose to spend my time wisely.

Today, that means sharing this bright and happy layout. It's inspired by the January Trend Challenge at Scrapbook Circle, which you can find (and play along with!) here.

The challenge is to create a page with a "ransom note" style title or sub-title. I used the Seven Paper washi tape included in the Fresh Start kit:

I shared one of these photos on instagram and told the story behind it already, but this was the morning I left for CHA a couple weeks ago. After we were dressed, I noticed that we were both wearing charcoal gray shirts that said "home". I swear I don't dress us like twins on purpose! But it was a fun mother-daughter moment to capture :).

Hug your loved ones. Spend time doing something good for your soul today. And be sure to stop by Scrapbook Circle :). Have a good one! Tessa

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  1. Tessa, deepest condolences for the passing of your grandpa. Praying that you are comforted by the outpouring of love from those who are around you and for also for peace that surpasses all understanding.
    PS: Your layout is gorgeous. So many soft, subtle touches. Just beautiful!


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