Monday, January 16, 2017

Planner Dividers - We R Memory Keepers

Hello, hello! Today on the We R Memory Keepers blog I am sharing a planner project with the new Tab Punch Board. This tool can make file folders, dividers, and any other tabbed thing you can think of! I made dividers for my personal size planner:

You can read all about the papers, embellishments, and the washi tape pocket card on the WRMK blog. Here, we're going to get into how to make this fantastic tool work its magic on personal sized pages.

The Tab Punch Board has all the markings you need to make tabbed pages that measure in full inches. It's easy to follow, and all the thinking is done for you. However, personal size planner pages are 6.75 x 3.75 inches. That little quarter of an inch can throw off a series of tabbed pages, making them off center. That may still work for some, but the perfectionist in me can't have that ;). So, I experimented and came up with a "hack" for making the tool work for any size page.

Basically, I marked my tool with a Sharpie marker where the center of a small, medium and large tab would be in relation to the punch on the tool. Simply mark your paper (any size) where you want the center of a tab to be, and these marks allow you to line up properly. You have to do a little math to know where to put the marks on your paper, but it's not hard. In fact, I've already done the measurements for a personal size planner for you!

Just right click and save.

To see a tutorial for making a set of 5 dividers with small tabs, including how to set your tool up for the hack, check out my YouTube video here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! As I work in my other planners, I may update this post with charts for other sizes, but once you know the process, you can figure it out for any size paper - easy, peasy.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a good one! Tessa


  1. Hi I love your tutorial! I made my first practice tab dividers. I followed your instructions in the video and did my Center Tab at 3 3/8. The download instructions says 3 1/8. The 3 3/8 works perfect! Thanks for the great tutorial! I hope you do more!!!

    1. Thank you so much for catching my typo! I didn't copy my numbers correctly and you're absolutely right - it's 3 3/8ths! Thank you! I fixed my image :).

  2. Great video! How do I adapt those measurements for an A5 planner? Thanks!

    1. Hello! I don't have an A5 at the moment, so I don't have the measurements to share, but the process would be the same. Start by making the middle and the end tabs, then split the difference for the middle tabs. All the markings on the tool would work the same.

  3. I had been afraid to try my punch board. Not any longer. Thanks for a good tutorial that anyone can follow!


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