Saturday, September 26, 2009

Colors All Around

That's the theme of a new display in my son's Kindergarten classroom. He was asked to bring something to add to the display, and he wanted to bring a rainbow. We didn't have a rainbow on hand, so we decided to paint one. He wanted to add buttons and butterflies, so our painting soon turned into a collage. He picked the colors, chose the buttons, attached the buttons (thank goodness for glue dots), and added the butterflies. I did the painting and the stamping. While we were working on it, we were talking about all of the things in the world that came in different colors. He said, "People come in different colors." Kids are so smart. So that is where our caption came from - "People are like colors. Together we make a rainbow." I hope his teacher likes it.

Hope you're having a great Saturday! Tessa

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