Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Sketchy Thursdays Layout

I've never been a big sketch-follower. I would try to sketch a layout before creating it, but I would usually end up with a completely different layout than the sketch called for. I would look at other people's sketches and just think, I don't have the perfect photos for that. But now I am realizing that I really do like sketches - a lot! I've discovered that I like the challenge of copying a sketch and making it my own. I now see that a sketch isn't limiting my creativity - it's inspiring it! So, with that said, here is my layout for this week's Sketchy Thursday. It's the first layout I have done of my new little one, Jaxon.

Thanks for looking! Tessa


  1. I already raved all over your Flickr, but I'm going to do it again. I love this page!!! What a precious little man. All of the details are adorable, too! Thanks for playing!!

  2. I love the masking and your little guy is the sweetest! Also love your name as many people in Japan call me by that name. Theresa is difficult to say. And my Dad did too.


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