Thursday, June 16, 2011

Roses, Balloons, Broken Teeth...Oh My!

First, roses :).  The new sketch at Sketchy Thursdays is a beautiful one!  I was inspired to create an 8.5 x 11 layout this time, which is something I want to do more often.

These are the roses blooming right now in my front yard.  I wish I had yellow ones, too, but these pink and fuchsia ones are gorgeous!

Here's the sketch, full of possibilities.  You can see I opted for embellies instead of squares, but kept the circle and four photos.

Be sure to stop by Sketchy Thursdays for more inspiration and all the details on playing along.  And if you're up for one more challenge, join me at Scrapbook Circle (enter balloons).

A new challenge starts up today called "Set the Scene".  Create a layout with "scenery" like my clouds and hills and you could win a fabulous kit from SBC.  You don't have to be a subscriber to play, so I hope you'll join in on the fun :).

And, finally, broken teeth. You know that phrase, "When it rains, it pours"? Hehe, I think that is summing up my June.  Jaxon lost a tooth yesterday.  Sort of.  Mind you, he's only two.  He tripped into the library steps.  I didn't actually see the fall (yeah, I'm totally expecting the Mom of the Year award), but after a quick inspection I only found a bloody chin and a few tears.  Four hours later I happened to look at his smile and discover that one of his top front teeth is shattered.  Literally shattered.  Because he is so little and doesn't do well at the doctor's, we are scrambling to find a good pediatric dentist.  Luckily, besides not being able to do a sippy cup and needing to chew on the side of his mouth, he's pretty much fine.  He's so cute - while eating he points at his cheek and says "side."  Oh, the joys of motherhood.  Here's hoping for a calm, uneventful day :).  Thanks for stopping by! Tessa


  1. Poor Jaxon! I hope you find a good dentist! I think Desiree did the same thing when she was little. You could ask Debbie for advice. I just always remember Des without a front tooth when we were little...although she may have been older than 2, I don't remember for sure.

    I hope you have a happy, uneventful day today!!

  2. love your rose page! so sweet, and good luck with the little one.

  3. I love the feel of the first layout. So shabby and love those scallop doodles. I just adore that layout with Jaxon (poor guy). Don't beat yourself up over it. You'll get it all worked out and he'll have the cutest little adorable smile until his adult tooth comes in. (I know that's easier said than done)

  4. poor baby! good luck in the dentist department! GREAT layouts!

  5. Love that beautiful flowery layout. So sorry to hear about your poor little guy's tooth! My DD ran into a wall (that's a sentence I never thought I'd say lol) when she was 3 and chipped her front top tooth. Apparently it got bruised. It turned a darkish color and then it got better. We took her to the ped dentist and they have been x raying it to make sure the root stayed healthy. He said it might fall out early but it somehow has stuck around! Hope he has a good outcome too :)


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