Friday, June 10, 2011

Keeping the Boys Busy

I love that the boys are playing so much outside these days :).  Seeing their blond hair brighten, their shoulders become sun-kissed, and their feet get so dirty brings back memories of my own summertimes during childhood.  When they need a break from the sunshine, one of their favorite activities is playing with playdoh.  I bought a package of "party favor" sized playdoh containers and made these:

Each playdoh container evenly divided into three portions (perfect!).  I balled up a portion for each boy in each color.  Using tubes from SRM Stickers, I filled up a tube for each boy.  Using a sharpie, I wrote their names on the lids.  Easy-peasy. Super simple. Done.

Some fun tips:
1) The open end of the tube makes a great "cookie cutter".
2) The tube itself makes a great "rolling pin".
3) If a ball of dough ever gets stuck, a good tap on the end of the tube gets it rolling again.
4) The tubes keep the playdoh fresh for a long time.
5) We no longer have fights over who has which color, which means mama is happier, too :).
6) These would make great on-the-go activities or even party favors.

You must head over to the SRM blog today for tons of great storage ideas using the tubes.  Thanks for stopping by! Tessa


  1. That's such a great idea! I can totally see those as party favors at a Candy Land themed party!

  2. How creative!!! Love this idea!! I will be adding to my Pinterest board :) Sabrina

  3. this is such a great idea and they look so cute in the tubes!

  4. I love how bright and colorful they look--great idea!


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