Monday, November 7, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 7

Good Monday morning :). I woke up headache-free and ready to tackle my to-do list. Spirits are high and I hope to keep it that way :). Today I am grateful for children who make me laugh. I think one of the characteristics you need to be a successful parent is a good sense of humor. While getting in the car to head off to school this morning, I heard from Carson, who was putting his seat belt on, "Everyday I'm buckling...." If you're familiar with the song "Party Rock Anthem" you'll get why it's so funny. If not, just know, I was cracking up. No matter how crazy my boys make me, they can always put a smile on my face with their silly antics and innocent takes on life. I just love them!

Over at the SRM Stickers blog on Friday I shared a calendar I made with their new calendar stickers:

I added the stickers to shipping tags, then hung the tags off of wires attached to an empty frame. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and even though we are still several weeks away from 2012, I'm enjoying seeing it up on my wall.

You can read more about how I made it on the SRM blog here. I've got more photos up in my flickr photostream here.

And one more crafty thing before I go.... If you follow Precocious Paper on Facebook, you're probably aware of this already, but I just have to let my blog readers know, too. Precocious Paper is going digital! I've partnered with Sahlin Studio to have select products digitized for use in digital scrapbooking! Autumn Afternoon is available now, and more is coming. You can purchase the digi elements here. And be sure to check out what the Sahlin Studio design team is doing with it all! Sigh, just gorgeous!

Have a wonderful day! Tessa


  1. You have a very funny kid! I would have been laughing too. I teach at high school and GSOH is definately so important!

  2. Love what your son said... too funny!!! The calendar is fantastic Tessa!!

    And I must give you a HUGE HUGE Congratulations on Precocious Paper going digital. I knew you would be going places when I first met you online! Way to go girl!!!

  3. gorgeous calendar! love the digi elements you are offering!


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