Sunday, November 27, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude: Days 23-26

Yesterday, while working on home projects and hanging out with the family, I felt a little twinge of guilt that I hadn't been posting my Attitude of Gratitude thoughts daily this Thanksgiving week. Here I am, challenging others to publicly share what they were grateful for, and I wasn't doing this as regularly as I should. But then I realized that in the past week, my efforts of sharing gratitude have been focused on my family. I have felt the need to be more of a teacher and example to my boys with regards to gratitude this year, and I let Thanksgiving break blogging go while I spent more time with them.

Jaxon has been saying "thank you" more than ever. Colten and Carson have been quick to remember to express thanks in family prayers before asking for blessings. They are constantly on the look out for things to be grateful for. Hugs and kisses seem more abundant. I was working on the floor and suddenly Jaxon was on my back, arms wrapped around me, chubby cheeks pressed into me, saying "I lub you Mommy." For no reason. I love that. I haven't kept a tally, so I don't know if I am just more grateful for the ones I see and receive, or if there actually are more "loves", but it doesn't matter. That's what this is all about. Being grateful brings more love and happiness, and in turn, more to be grateful for.

So to catch up....

Day 23: I am grateful for rest. I am grateful for the opportunities we have to slow down, savor time, and be together. I am grateful for the chance to rest my body, forget about the stresses of day-to-day, and enjoy time.

Day 24: I am grateful for my grandpa. While getting the table ready for Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, my grandpa was watching me. As I got closer to his end of the table, he paid me a sweet compliment. One I will never forget and one that was very special and well-timed. I am grateful that he is still here and a part of my life.

Day 25: I am grateful for my crazy sisters. Black Friday shopping? At midnight? Yes! Our youngest sister had to work a Black Friday shift, so we stopped at her store first and paid a little visit. Wow - talk about craziness! But it was fun and I enjoyed the sister time :).

Day 26: I am grateful for my home. It isn't much, but I am grateful to be living here and for the love within its walls.

On a scrappy note, I have been working on a few projects that I should be able to share soon! The Precocious Paper December Sampler is ready to go, but I am waiting on supplies to arrive for the extras, so hopefully this week I'll be able to release it.

Have a great day! Thank you for stopping by and sharing this gratitude project with me :). Tessa


  1. I agree Tessa sometimes we are consumed with work and the computer that we forget to really pay attention, we think we are but we really arent. Ever since I have devoted my weekends to the boyz I have seen a huge difference. There is a calmness and a feeling of love that i am very very grateful for, sometimes we are just too busy to see it!
    I joined in last year (attitude of gratitude)..somehow everything else took over this year!

  2. I have been playing along, just haven't been posting it online. I've been trying to make L more aware of gratitude. Yes, he says thank you in the right places (mostly!) but does he really think about why? I was stunned twice today when he thanked me for doing something for him and actually said why he was grateful.

    Thank YOU for the reminder to focus more on this, this month.


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