Sunday, May 6, 2012

Smash Sunday - Week in the Life Part 1

Hello! Today I am sharing the beginnings of my Week in the Life SMASH book. We don't travel much, and when we do, we don't go very far. I loved the images in the yellow international folio, but felt like that one would never coordinate with bits and pieces from my fairly stationary life. Then Crate Paper came out with their Storyteller line, and then other travel-themed lines caught my eye and I began to suffer from wanderlust :). As I was planning my Week in the Life project, the thought occurred to me that each day with my family is like a journey. We travel day in and day out through routines, special occasions, learning experiences and quality time. The theme of travel would be the perfect string to tie our week together! So, I started gathering up those travel-themed supplies that I loved and I made of long list of quotations about travel that could apply to our daily lives. I was fairly diligent in taking photos, although the week I documented was the week that my back injury was fresh. I took notes via instagram and facebook, and all of my photos were taken on my phone (for no-stress ease of use).  I'd love to say that I'm finished assembling my book, or even halfway done, but all I have to share is my title page:

How cute is this chipboard girl from Crate Paper? I love her! And since this album is a Week in the Life from my point of view, I thought she made an adorable representation of me. Although, I never looked this cute this week ;).

Beside travel-themed supplies, I decided to incorporate woodgrain, too. The woodgrain 2012 button is by A Flair for Buttons and comes in a set with the days of the week. Shelley has a great selection of designs (including travel!), so be sure to check out her shop!

I'm also putting to good use my stash of 2012 stickers by SRM Stickers. The '12 sticker was the perfect round accent to mix in with the buttons.

I don't foresee this album coming together too quickly, but I'll be sure to keep you updated as I finish pages. I think I'll do a video of the final project, too :). Have a wonderful day! Tessa


  1. So adorable Tessa! Thanks so much for linking me! May I use the photo on my flair blog this week? :) shelley

    1. Thanks Shelley! I'd be honored to be featured on your blog :).

  2. adorable! I am starting my 2nd Smash book, but so far, have only gotten the cover done...but I've acccumulated tons of stuff for the inside; maybe I need to do SMash SUndays!


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