Sunday, July 29, 2012

Smash Sunday - Girls' Camp and Flair

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a church camp for girls. I was asked to go as a crafts expert and work in the "Craft Shack". I knew I might have a little bit of extra time while I was there, so I packed myself a SMASHing kit, including several pieces of flair from the {a flair for buttons} shop.
This is my title page, featuring one of the flair from the Girl Flair set. The silhouette of a girl and the woodgrain were the perfect match for the theme of this book.

used another piece from the same set for this page. I loved this view of a small stream near the campsite and the woodgrain heart flair was the perfect embellishment.

I also brought along the Linen Chevron flair. It made the perfect accent for my glassine "pocket" bag.

Shelley also has several specifically camp-themed flair sets in the shop if you're interested in tents and campers and the like. Thanks for stopping by and checking out another ongoing SMASH project of mine :). Have a great day! Tessa
You can read my original post about these pages on the {a flair for buttons} blog here.


  1. I always love to see your smash pages! Would love to see the crafts that happened at the craft shack too.

  2. I'm really enjoying browsing through your blog this evening. So inspiring. I love what looks like a Girl Scout badge on one of the pages in this book. Is that part of the Girl Flair collection too?



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