Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gender Reveal Question Mark Pinata Tutorial - Part Two: Assembly

If you're looking for a tutorial to make your own gender reveal pinata in the shape of a question mark, you've found the right place :). If you haven't read part one yet, be sure to do so here. That's where you'll find a complete materials needed list and the instructions for cutting out your pieces.

Your pieces should be cut and ready to assemble. Get out your masking tape and utility scissors. Take your first strip and begin working it back and forth in your hands, softening up the cardboard. You want the cardboard to bend easily around the curves, so take your time to finesse the corrugated paper.

Hold the strip up against one side of the question mark. Take a piece of masking tape and attach the strip as shown. Continue taping, every couple of inches or so, until you reach the end of your strip. 

It just so happened that the end of my strip fell right about where I wanted my hole to be for filling the pinata. I cut a tab into the end of the next strip. 

I overlapped the strips by the length of the tab plus another half inch, then began taping the strip to the question mark. I tested the closure to make sure it worked well, then left the tab out for the rest of the assembly and decorating process.

Note: If you want to attach a loop or a hook, plan to do so while you're attaching the strip. I chose not to include a loop or hook because I wanted to hang my pinata by ribbon. Because I didn't try, I have no advice or suggestions for you. I would imagine you need to consider that the cardboard pinata is a bit heavy, especially filled, so your attachment will need to be heavy-duty.

To begin a new strip, simply overlap your strips by a quarter of an inch or so, and continue on. Tape the seam securely. When you get to the straight parts of your question mark, don't prep the cardboard by bending it. You will, however, want to crease the strips at any corners prior to attaching it with tape. An alternative to creasing is to cut your strips down to the exact size of the edges. Use plenty of tape to cover your seams, and keep in mind that this method may make your pinata a bit weaker.

Once you have the strips attached to one side of your question mark, attach the other side of the question mark with tape.

I used the exact same process on the dot. The strip just needed a little extra finessing to be really round.

And there you have it! 

It's not pretty, though, so be sure to read the next part of my tutorial, Part Three: Decorating, for how to dress it up. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments and I'll be sure to reply. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Tessa

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