Monday, September 30, 2013

I must love my boys...Student Council, Fancy Pants

Hello! We had a busy, busy week, and even busier weekend. I have a new sister! I'll share wedding details tomorrow, including a few DIY projects I had the privilege of contributing :).

Colten, my oldest, tells me Tuesday morning before school, "Mom - I'm running for student council president. Posters were supposed to go up yesterday." Yesterday?! How long have you known this?! Apparently, since Friday. Grrrr. So, we took a couple of minutes to search Pinterest for good campaign slogans. He picked one and I added the supplies to the day's wedding prep shopping list: "Don't blow it! Chews Colten Buys for president!" Luckily, Colten didn't have much homework that afternoon, so we got to work. First, a photo shoot:

Second, I set him up with my Silhouette Cameo. I laid everything out on the computer, but he did the rest - loading the cardstock and the mat, clicking cut, etc. He hates pulling the leftover cardstock off of the mat as much as I do ;). I helped glue down the letters and the photos, but he laid it all out on the posters for me. Lastly, he glued on the empty bubble gum packages and wrote out the rest of the words. The next morning, we got to school early and helped him put them up all over campus.

There was some drama with kids tearing off the empty gum packages, and accusations of Colten passing out the gum for votes, but Colten rose above it all and did his best to enjoy the process. Oh, the joys of politics! As much as that tough stuff hurts this mama's heart, I was happy to see him learning from the experience. The results came in Friday, and...he did it! We referred to Colten as Mr. President often during the weekend ;).

Raising these boys is definitely an adventure, a journey bringing lots of craziness - and happiness, too. I'm up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog today with a mini album all about them and their journey. To see more, and to read about how easily it came together, check out the Fancy Pants Designs blog here.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember - come back tomorrow for some DIY wedding projects!

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  1. Congrats to Mr President! Great campaign., Love the brag book too!


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