Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gelatos and Lace Hello Card - Love My Tapes

Hello! I was bit by the gelato bug a few months ago and finally purchased more colors to play with this past week. Knowing that I had a project coming up at the Love My Tapes blog, I decided to experiment by dyeing lace tape with gelatos:

I started with strips of white lace tape which I adhered to a pre-cut piece of watercolor paper. I applied gelato directly to the lace and then used a wet brush to saturate the lace, spreading the color through each strip. When I had finished all four strips, I blended the colors a bit by adding more gelato and water. The 140 lb watercolor paper handled it beautifully and the adhesive on the lace tape held perfectly.

I embellished with gold brads and gold alpha stickers.

I learned that gelatos can be messy, which is great for making art, but not so great for keeping white paper white. I somehow got a little crumb of gelato on my finger, and when I was attaching a brad, it wiped onto my paper, which I had intended to keep white. So, I improvised, and made those watercolor bubbles at the top. Tip: keep your hands and work surface clean if you want your white paper to stay blemish-free ;).

You can see my post at the Love My Tapes blog here. Thanks for visiting today! Tessa


  1. This is very pretty! Love how the bits of gold finish it off so perfectly!

  2. This is so pretty and I love how you were able to turn a smudge into a thing of beauty!

  3. I think your accident was a happy one. The card is fantastic and the watercolor bubbles at the top are a nice add. So glad to have found you through the Moxie Fab World.


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