Wednesday, July 9, 2014

TLC Vox Box - Influentster

I had the opportunity to receive and review the TLC Vox Box from Influenster. It was a great collection of items for moms, including products to make life a little bit easier, more glamorous, and delicious :).

Breyer's Gelato: I received a coupon for a free Breyer's Gelato. I love ice cream, frozen yogurt, soft serve, gelato, all of it. It's hard not to like what I'm eating if it falls into this category. However, I was not disappointed in the gelato in the least, and will definitely be buying more in the future (and hiding it from the kids - this stuff is for the hubby and me only).

Neo to Go: This portable, spray-on neosporin has come in handy several times. I love having it in my diaper bag, purse, or beach bag. I've been able to quickly administer a little mama love and first aid to scrapes, sliver boo-boos, and more. I love not getting the neosporin all over my hands because I can just spray it on and slap the bandaid over that. My kids say it feels good, too.

Ivory Soap: We had so much fun with this! My kids were really bored, and I had heard you could do some cool science experiments with Ivory soap. So, I did a little research. This link is what I found. Against my better judgment, we microwaved Ivory soap. It was SO cool! You've gotta try it. I've pinned other Ivory soap activities to this Pinterest board, too, if you're interested.

Avon Anew Wrinkle Smoother: Okay, okay, yes. I'm getting wrinkles. I really don't mind, though. I don't feel the need to cover them up, but Influenster asked me to give this product a try, so I did. I loved that it was something I could put on after my foundation. It felt good, it did fill in those lines a bit, and I got compliments on my skin when I wore it. Do I need it? No. Would I buy it now that I've tried it for free? Yes. Not so much for the smoothing of wrinkles, but more so for the hydration of my skin around my eyes. I was happy with the results.

Shell Fuel Rewards Program: I always buy my gas at Shell. It's convenient and my car runs well on it. It's not always the cheapest, but the cheapest gas in town is always a headache to get because the station is so crowded. This card takes care of my tiny complaint. It saves you three cents a gallon every time you use it, making it very comparable to those grocery store gas stations. There are a lot of other perks, too. See for yourself: 

Puffs Tissue: I've long been a fan of Puffs tissue. When cold season comes around, we only use this stuff. The lotion in the tissue saves our noses. Around the same time the TLC Vox Box arrived, Addie got a sniffly nose. I was so glad I had this tissue on hand. It was gentle on her baby skin. And did you know? They've got a soft pack now. We always destroy the boxes when I try to keep one out on the counter or in the car (boys, right?!), so I am really glad to see a soft packaging option.

Well, that's it! I really did enjoy every bit of this box, for one reason or another. I hope you'll check out these products, or at least some of my links above. Thanks to Influenster for the complimentary goodies! And thank you for stopping by today :). Tessa

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