Monday, August 25, 2014

Fabric Tape Mason Jars - Love My Tapes

Hello, hello! I LOVE Mondays. They make me feel extra productive. On Monday, I've got a blank slate for the week and I can make the improvements and adjustments that are needed. After a relaxing Sabbath Day, I am recharged and ready. Mondays just feel good :).

On this happy Monday, I am sharing a washi tape project that I made for my mom on her birthday a couple weeks ago.

I found small Mason-type jars at the dollar store in town. I picked up several and inspired by all the cute washi tape jar projects on Pinterest, I decided to give my own jars a go.

I used three Love My Tapes fabric tapes around the jars. I overlapped each one just slightly to create a solid band around the jars.

To top the flower vase jar, I replaced the solid lid with a flower frog lid. I found a package of these at Michaels; 4 pieces for $5.00, I think. To top the candy jar, I punched a 2.5 inch circle from a piece of cardstock. I applied the washi tape in strips over the cardstock, then used sharp scissors to cut off the excess. Then, I just added the cardstock piece over the lid and beneath the ring.

I made this card to go along with the jars. I would have used the same tapes, but my craft space is not the most organized and I couldn't find it when I was pulling out supplies for the card. At least I color coordinated, right? The sticker sentiment is by SRM Stickers.

I'm sure I'll play with tape and more jars soon. I love that I can easily customize and coordinate gifts with different styles and colors of tape. You can check out my jars on the Love My Tapes blog today.

Thanks for visiting, and happy Monday! Tessa

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