Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Crush Valentines - We R Memory Keepers

I have more Valentines for you today! This time, I played with the oh-so-fun Crush collection by We R Memory Keepers:

Each of these cards was made with one of my kiddos in mind. First up, my oldest son, Colten:

When Colten was little, about four years old, he called cupcakes "pupcakes". One day, while I was cleaning in my bedroom, he popped in with a top hat on his head and said in his best British accent, "Hello, Pupcake!" I nearly died of laughter! It's a memory I will treasure forever, so when I saw the "hello" die cut and the cupcake die cut from the Crush die cut pack, I knew I had to pair the two together for Colten's card.

This one is for Carson.

You know that song, "I can't feel my face when I'm with you...." Carson loves to make fun of that song, mixing up the lyrics and putting the word "face" in place of lyrics in other songs. He's almost twelve, so, you know - normal behavior. When I saw the sticker that read "I love your face", I knew it would be perfect for Carson's card.

Jaxon's card is covered in x's and o's.

Every day, sometimes more than once, he will come up to me and say, "Guess what time it is?" I usually pretend I don't know, and guess silly things like lunch time or bed time. Then he giggles and says, "Hug and kiss break time!" So I stop whatever I'm doing and I get a hug and a kiss. I'm crushing on this kid and I wish he could stay my little man forever.

Addie's card was especially fun to make because I could use florals with abandon! She loves flowers, like her mama.

I recently had to teach her that they weren't called "bows" because every time I put a hair clip in her hair that was a flower, she was thinking it was called a bow. I didn't realize that she was associating flowers with bows until she called a bouquet of flowers bows. We're good now, so when she sees this card she will probably shout, "fowers!" We're still working on the letter "l". :)

Do you make your kids Valentines? It's so fun, especially with a collection as great as We R Memoy Keepers' Crush collection. Be sure to check out my cards on their blog today (if you didn't just make your way from there). Thanks for visiting and have a great day! Tessa

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