Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Happy 10/10/10 (October 10, 2010).  A new challenge is up at The Studio!  This time it's all about guilty pleasures.  The guilty pleasure I scrapped is my love for Jack in the Box tacos. 

For those of you who don't have a Jack in the Box fast food restaurant, you can get two of these oh-so-yummy and oh-so-not-good-for-you tacos for fifty cents each.  They are spicy, greasy, and acid reflux-inducing, but so good!  When I need a little comfort food and don't want to make anything, I hit the Jack in the Box drive-thru.  I've been known to send my husband for tacos late at night and to swing by with my sister (who also shares this guilty pleasure) in the middle of the afternoon.

When we moved from Wyoming (no Jack in the Box) back to California (one on every corner), my second fast food purchase were these tacos, second only to In 'n' Out Burger.  Do I sound like a fast food junkie?  Really, I normally eat much healthier than this.  My habit really, truly is a guilty pleasure!

I hope to see you playing along at The Studio this month!  Don't forget, there's a coupon code for 25% off selected designs in my shop at the end of my last post, good through today.  And if you look close enough at my layout above, you'll see something new coming to the shop soon :).

Have a wonderful Sunday! Tessa


  1. Hmmm so jealous! America does junk food well. When I went to Cali I loved in and out and taco bell, but never tried Jack in the box...oh well - will have to visit again!!! lOVING THE PAGE!

  2. Gorgeous layout, love the background paper with the bright orange and the pleated flowers look great too!!x

  3. How fun!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your guilty pleasure! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. okay not a Jack in the box fan myself, but I am an IN-n-out fan!! Making my mouth water THANK YOU!! So fun how you captured your "guilt"! :)

  5. We don't have these but my cousin used to live in CA and says how much she misses it! LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  6. love the was refreshing to hear a savoury food as a guilty pleasure!!...sugar is usually the ruler in that department!!

  7. OMG, LOL! I haven't had Jack since I was little but I remember the tacos. I'd been thinking lately I need to stop by one again...

    I LOVE In-n-Out Burger, too!!! There's another burger place here called Freddy's Steak Burgers. I've been on a very restrictive food detox for 1 month which ended TODAY. Freddy's has been on my calendar IN SHARPIE for lunch tomorrow since the beginning of the 30 days. LOL. It's probably going to kill my stomach but it's oh so worth it!!!!!


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