Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paper Jewelry

Before I share some scrappy things, I just want to say thank you for all your sweet words regarding my last post.  I'm gaining a new perspective, finding confidence in the future, and seeing things more as an opportunity to grow.  Thank you :).

Now on to the scrappy stuff :).  We have a really fun challenge for you today at The Studio!  What is it?  Take some of your excess stash and create something you can wear.  Amanda suggests a paper ball gown, but in all seriousness, the DT has created some really fun, easy, and beautiful things.

I decided to make a bracelet.  I had recently seen some paper beads and thought this challenge was the perfect time to have a go at it.  I took scrap paper and cut it into several long, traingular strips.  I rolled the paper (fat end to skinny end) as tightly as I could and secured the end with glue.  I treated my beads with several layers of decoupage varnish.  Tip:  To spray the varnish easily, I put headpins through my beads and stabbed the pointy ends into a spare piece of cardboard.  The beads would easily spin around the pins and made spraying simple do to.  No sticky fingers!

Don't look too carefully at my lopsided loops - I'm such a beginner with jewelry making!  But I do love the way the bracelet turned out and I get compliments every time I wear it.

You have to see what the DT made - I think I'm going to lift a hair accessory idea this very morning to wear to church today.  You can find the challenge here.  I'm going to start highlighting players' entries on The Studio facebook page, so follow there and you may just see your work featured!

Have a good day! Tessa


  1. beautiful! the wheels are turning :)

  2. So cute - I haven't made paper beads for YEARS but you have me itchin' to find some paper and get my creative fix in tonight - TFS!

  3. This looks great! What a fun way to use paper.


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