Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Isn't she beautiful?

This past Saturday my little neice was blessed.  The blessing was beautiful.  Emmy wore the same blessing gown that my sisters and I all wore, as well as one of our cousins.  Today it looks time-worn and well-loved, but the antique ivory color was gorgeous on this precious little girl.  Shanae (Emmy's mama) asked me to make her a hair band.  I made a trio of flowers in ivory lace, satin, and frayed cotton.  Shanae found the gorgeous trim to match and our mom sewed an elastic to it to complete the head band.  She was so pretty!

Emmy and her mama :).

Here she is later in her little Easter dress :).

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?!  I've been getting more and more requests for hair clips and brooches, and I've been tinkering with the idea of adding some pieces to the shop. What do you think?  Thanks for stopping by today! Tessa


  1. She is so adorable. The hairband is gorgeous! Those would make a great item in your shop. :)

  2. So sweet! Both mama and baby are beautiful. Love the headband!

  3. Tessa, she's so sweet.
    Hairbands sound a great idea. They are ultra 'in' in the UK right now. x

  4. Emmy is adorable!!!!! and the headband is exquisite!

  5. Aww she is so cute! Love that hair band!!


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