Thursday, March 29, 2012

Faux Polaroid Tutorial

Hello! I have a tutorial up on the Scrapbook Circle blog today, but I thought I should share here, too. One of the items on my wishlist right now is this little guy:

I love the look of Polaroids, and the fact that this camera produces mini Polaroids? Even cuter! Until I can make him mine, here is what I can do in the meantime:

Gather together a square punch, paper trimmer, and white cardstock.

Punch a square out of your cardstock. Make sure that you reach your punch as far into your paper as possible to leave enough room for the caption space and to make sure your punch is "square" with the paper. This will make the next step easier :).

Using your trimmer, cut a rectangle around the square. Cut pretty close to the square at the top and sides of your rectangle, but leave a much bigger space at the bottom for the caption.

And, voila! You've got a faux Polaroid frame! And I can see I need a new blade on my trimmer ;).

I hope your Thursday is a good one! Thanks for stopping by :). Tessa


  1. Such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing! I know I'll be using this tip soon!

  2. Love this idea !!! .. Gotta go get a square punch now ... What size should the pictures be to fit inside the frame ?

    1. I sent you an email, but thought I should reply here, too! To size photos, I would make the frame first, glue it to a photo, then cut away the excess photo. I used a 2 inch square, which would work well for wallet-sized photos.

  3. that little camera is ADORABLE!! great tutorial too!


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