Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smash Sunday

Hello! I am back after a week-long blogging hiatus with a new weekly post: Smash Sunday! Each Sunday I will be sharing a page or two from one of my Smash books. If you are unfamiliar with the Smash Book concept, here is a great place to check it out. You can find my first Smash book, Summer 2011, here. I started a new one with the theme of "everyday" - bits and pieces of daily life, hopes and wishes, and little moments. This is the first two-page spread in the book:

This is actually just the first printed page in the book (on the right), but I embellished the left hand side, too, covering up the book information printed at the bottom. Just the other night I asked my husband how we should redecorate our bedroom. I had found this image in a magazine several months before and was kinda hoping he would give me permission to do something this bright. I'm still working on it :).

One of my favorite materials for Smashing is die-cuts. I have lots that haven't made it onto scrapbook pages, and the Smash book is an ideal place for those homeless cutouts. I love these butterflies :). Also, notice the "love" on the left and the "love my life" on the right? I am using an SRM Sticker sentiment on just about every page. With the variety of stickers and sayings, there is always something just perfect :).

I will be sharing more pages, including my title page, in the coming days during a special event at my friend, Amanda's blog:

I LOVE mixing vintage finds into my work and this series gave me the opportunity to do just that. I'll be sharing Smash book pages, a tutorial, and some well-loved vintage gifts from my grandmother. The other artists on board for the series are amazing, so you really MUST tune in. I'm truly honored to be a part of it!

Well, that's it! I hope you will enjoy this new series on my blog :). Thanks for stopping by today! Tessa


  1. What great pages. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I LOVE your SMASH pages! I am redoing my bedroom and totally plan on painting my walls in the aqua like you! So fun!

  3. Love how you embellished the first page...I have also started a SMASH book with wishes & dreams, life, etc. I love that it can be ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE! your blog and all your creative embellishments, etc. You are full of inspo!

  4. I love your pages. I am always finding your through pinterest. Which smash book is this one?

    1. Thank you! This is the red smash book. Thanks for stopping by!


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