Monday, March 2, 2015

Lucky Us Vase - SRM

I am so excited to share a new product being carried by SRM Stickers with you today! The chalkboard trend is not going away any time soon, and SRM is bringing you something that will make creating chalkboard surfaces so much easier than the typical bottle of paint and a brush.

This isn't a chalk marker. It's a chalkBOARD marker. Think of it like a paint pen, but instead of regular paint, it applies chalkboard paint. Once you have followed the directions, the surface can be used like a chalkboard, especially with the Bistro chalk markers that SRM is also now carrying.

I experimented with the marker on a glass vase. The marker is not recommended for glass because it isn't permanent on glass, but you can still have a lot of fun creating with it so long as you don't mind the chalkboard being fairly temporary. I have a list of tips for working on glass on the SRM Stickers blog today.

Next I am going to try turning a framed piece of glass into a chalkboard, or maybe a mirror. So many possibilities! And, of course, I'll be trying it out on a layout soon, too.

For more details about this amazing marker, head on over to the SRM blog. Thanks for visiting today! Have a good one! Tessa

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