Monday, September 1, 2014

Thirty-three Things

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday.

For me, a birthday is like New Year's - a great time to set some resolutions and goals. I've been pondering all month what I'd like to accomplish before I turned 34. While waiting after school for the kids to get to the car, I would pull out my notebook and write. This is the list I came up with, thirty-three things I would like to accomplish this year:

1. Develop a meaningful and consistent personal scripture study program.
2. Keep the Sabbath Day holy in a more complete, meaningful way.
3. Increase my temple attendance.
4. With my family's participation, develop a more meaningful and consistent Family Home Evening program.
5. Memorize 12 new hymns.
6. Develop and implement a plan to study general conference talks between conferences.
7. Memorize the Book of Mormon scripture mastery scriptures (involve the boys).
8. Improve my Visiting Teaching.
9. Develop and implement a plan to be better prepared for Sunday lessons.

10. Develop a plan to lose weight and increase my fitness through healthy eating and exercise. Reach the weight that is ideal for my body and work to maintain it.

11. Develop a good system for food storage and meal planning.
12. Provide an environment conducive to academic success for daily homework.
13. Be a better homemaker. Create a plan for better housekeeping and stick to it.
14. Organize my cook book; learn 12 new recipes.

15. Set important financial goals and create a plan to achieve them.
16. Go on a vacation together.
17. Find and implement new ways to honor Josh daily.

18. Keep a journal for each child. Be as consistent as possible.
19. Study out each child's love language. Find ways to fill their buckets daily.
20. Implement consistent study of Preach My Gospel with the boys.
21. Increase my volunteering at school.

22. Read 12 new books.
23. Plan for finishing college. Research degree requirements and financial aid. Create a timeline for submitting applications, a start date and graduation.

24. Keep a daily, one-line journal.
25. Maintain a planner and use it regularly.

26. Seek out and implement methods to build the confidence and self-worth of my dancers.
27. Be 100% prepared for every class, rehearsal and private lesson.
28. Create an environment for my competitive dancers that is healthy, positive, and team-building.

29. Submit to 12 publication calls.
30. Complete Adlyn's nursery/the craft room.
31. Be a better blogger and blog-reader. Post consistently. Comment regularly.
32. Make a birthday card for each member of my immediate family and send them out ahead of time.
33. Purchase a sewing machine and learn how to use it.

Some goals I have already started on. Some I will start working on today. I'll put the rest into action as I develop good habits and am ready. I am posting this list publicly so that I can be held accountable. I intend to revisit this list with you for updates. Some of these goals will have crafty projects related to them, and I'll be sure to share.

Thanks for the birthday wishes on Facebook and Instagram, by email, text and in person. There's nothing like a birthday to make you feel special :). Have a good one! Tessa


  1. That's a very ambitious list Tessa. Love it. Thanks for the inspiration. There is always room for improvement in our lives. It's a daily challenge for us all.

  2. Happy belated Birthday. It's a great list!


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