Monday, January 31, 2011

100th Day

Today is the 100th day of school for my boys :).  The first graders are celebrating by bringing in collections of 100. I just got in a big shipment of buttons, so he chose to count out 100 buttons.  I thought storing them in a plastic baggie would be kind of lame, so I pulled out a really fun product from SRM Stickers that I get to play with all the time now - the tube!

Carson counted out his buttons and got them all to fit nicely inside the tube.  I made the tag to match the button colors he chose, using the Live Life - School Days sheet of stickers.  I cut up the title sticker and mixed in some other alphas to create my new title.  Carson is super excited to show his teacher and had to put it in his backpack as soon as I took photos :).

I'll have another tube project to share soon on the SRM Stickers blog.  It also has something to do with school, but I'm not telling you anything else :).  Have you seen SRM's new take on the tube?  Just released this past weekend at CHA - the wand!  Eeeek, the dance teacher in me is in love :).

Have a great Monday! Tessa


  1. oh WOW this is so fun, Tessa!!! Love the idea! And aren't the wands fabulous?? I can't wait to do something with mine but I bet as a dance teacher you must have squealed!!! hehehe

  2. oh how adorable. I bet he had the craftiest "100 day" collection in class!

  3. you must be the coolest mom to have for school projects! that is absolutely adorable!!!!! kee had his 100th day of school a couple weeks ago and his teacher didn't do a "from home" project. bummed me out. i'm inspired to be more creative with the presentation if he does something next year, though (or for kins next year in K)


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