Friday, October 14, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude 2011

Announcing the return of...

Last year I decided to devote the month of November to developing a greater understanding of gratitude, as well as a greater desire to express my gratitude. I made the commitment to express gratitude on a daily basis, and I did so here on my blog as well as on Facebook. The change that happened inside of me was amazing, and I became a much happier person. I can't wait to start the challenge again and I hope that you will join me, too.

This time around, I want to enhance the experience with a few new things. In addition to my daily thoughts, I will be posting quotations, and links to articles and videos - all about gratitude. I'm not the only blogger out there doing a month-long tribute to thankfulness, so I will be pointing you in the direction of others who are doing similar things, too.

Here is how you can be a part of it:

1. Add the image above as a badge to your blog.
2. Blog your thoughts on gratitude daily (or as often as you can throughout the month).
3. Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter if you prefer.
4. Write your thoughts in a journal.
5. Collect your thoughts throughout the month and create a layout or mini album to display your gratitude.

Speaking of a mini album, look what just popped up on the Precocious Paper shelves today:

A mini album kit designed just for Attitude of Gratitude! You could really use this kit for anything that your heart desires, but I will be documenting my thoughts of thanks in this journal, and so is my guest designer in November :). You can see more about the kit and purchase it here.

And just like last year, I will be giving away a gift certificate to the shop to one random participant of Attitude of Gratitude. More details on that will be coming soon :).

Dozens of people participated last year and I would love to see that number grow this time around. Can you help me spread the word? There's an Attitude of Gratitude kit in it for you :). To be entered to win the kit, do any of the following:

1. Post the Attitude of Gratitude badge to your blog with a link to this post.
2. Blog about Attitude of Gratitude.
3. Post about Attitude of Gratitude on Facebook.
4. Tweet about Attitude of Gratitude.
5. Pin the Attitude of Gratitude badge to Pinterest (from this blog).

For each of these things, you receive one entry. Leave a comment telling me what you did (and linking me to your posts). You only need to leave one comment, or you can leave a separate comment for each post you make. Jaxon and I like to pull names from a hat to select winners, so comment however you'd like :).

I'm excited! Thank you so much for stopping by today :). Enjoy your day! Tessa


  1. Tessa, this is an AWESOME idea! Wish I wouldn't have spent my budget already! :)

  2. I loved reading your Attitude of Gratitude posts last year on this and plan to participate WITH you this year! Gorgeous mini!

  3. So glad you are doing this again! :)

  4. So happy you're doing this again! I'll be joining in.

    I added your logo to my side bar and blogged about it, too:

    I also pinned it!

    Thanks for hostessing! Looking forward to "playing" along.

  5. I posted the banner and link on facebook and pinterest :) and :) i love your blog!

  6. I am going to try your challenge! I think it is a great idea. I think it will be a blessing to me and a good motivation to be more intentional about being thankful. I don't know that I will successfully post each and every day, but I am going to give it try. Great idea! Glad I stumbled onto your blog today.


  7. This is such a neat neat idea! I posted about it on my blog today.

  8. I'm up for this!

    I've pinned -
    Blogged -
    Facebook'd -

  9. So far I've posted on my blog - and on my Facebook wall!/profile.php?id=744275995

    Will be letting the rest of the world know once I get the boys to bed ;-)

  10. I just ran across your blog and I love this idea! I really wanted to try something like this last year, but got started too late. Now I feel inspired to give it a go this year!
    Sharing this on my blog later today :)
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  11. Such a great idea! I really hope to be able to join in!

    Pinned you! :)

  12. How awesome! Im try to be mindful to be thankful for all of my blessings! Will be happy to post this on my blog and partake in your suggestions!

  13. Tessa this is a magnificent idea!!! I am very excited to join in! I think more people need to be greatful for the small things in life - they mean so much!
    I have blogged -

    I have pinned

    I have also put it on facebook.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this all together! Cant wait!

  14. have blogged about this and hope to join in and combine with another month long project as well.

  15. Really looking forward to joining you in this. I blogged about it and added and badge to my sidebar here:

  16. I am so thrilled I could find you from Scarlett's.
    Such a beautiful idea.
    1. I put on my blog sidebar right here
    2.I tweeted
    3.I shared on Face Bok
    4. I pinned in my Fall Album
    I started something a little on this line today on my blog. It is called I admire you guest blogger.
    Would love to have you join me as a guest, and write about this gratitude month.
    Please contact me if your interested.

  17. I am definetly participating!!!!! I have been thinking about this for a couple of week and gonna try and throw a mini album together tonight!!!! Can't wait!


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