Friday, October 21, 2011

Designer Friday - Jules Dix

Happy Friday! Halloween is just around the corner and I am thrilled to be sharing with you an amazing project created by October's guest designer, Jules Dix. I sent this lovely lady the Pumpkin Patch sampler and the photos she sent back just about knocked me out of my seat :).

Eeek! How awesome is this?! Not only has Jules expertly layered hauntingly gorgeous Halloween papers, but she has also tucked Precocious Paper flowers into several nooks.

I was especially excited to see what Jules did with the white tulle included in the sampler. She pulled and stretched the tulle to look like creepy fog. I think the tulle would great mummy wrappings or cobweb, too.

Amazing work, Jules! Thank you so much :). If you would like to play with the October Sampler, it's still available in the shop here.

In other Precocious Paper news, there are some fun things coming up!
♥ The November Samplers (yes, there are two!) go live on the 25th.
 A 5000 sales celebration is in the works - look for a coupon code and prizes to be announced soon.
Attitude of Gratitude starts soon - be sure to add the badge to your blog and pick up a mini album kit here.
♥ A handful of items, including popular Sweet Spots, are down to their last sets. Search the shop for "last" to find and purchase the items that are next to gone.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Tessa 

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  1. the sampler is awesome and the project highlights it so well!


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