Friday, October 7, 2011

Coming soon...

As I've been filling orders, I've been daydreaming about new fabrics, flowers, and embellishments that I  want to get on my virtual shelves. If only I could add another twelve hours to the day.... :). Would you like to daydream with me? Coming soon to Precocious Paper:

My last lavender offering sold out quickly, so this one and another set will soon be available to keep you purple-lovers happy :).

I'm a sucker for chevron. And this one would be so fun with any color of felt :).

My last yellow with pink roses sold out really fast. I hope I bought enough of this one :).

I am in love with the new Joel Dewberry fabrics. This one makes me think of fall.

And this one makes me want to redecorate my bedroom.

And this one reminds me why blue is my all-time favorite color.

Look for these fabrics, as well as many others, in several new offerings soon. I say soon because I really can't pinpoint a day or time, but soon :). I'm just itching to create new pretty things. Have a great weekend! Tessa


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see what you create with them!

  2. I just LOVE the fabric you said has you thinking of redecorating your bedrooms! SO pretty and one of my favorite color combos!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your creations!

    Alison xx

  4. I'm dreaming the wonderful things that you will create with this!!

  5. wow! I really love the Joel Dewberry one. Reminds me of Basic Grey's 'indian summer' :)


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