Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Box Tops Box

My boys' school participates in the Box Tops program - one where you save special labels from products that the school can cash in, providing more funding for special projects and events. My boys' classrooms have consistently won first place for their grade levels for collecting the most box tops. And while I don't think we are the biggest contributors (by far!), I do try my best to clip and save those Box Tops. For the past few years, they have been stored in a baggie on my fridge:

Not the cutest storage solution, but definitely effective. So, when challenged to create something with a back to school theme for Epiphany Crafts, I chose to upgrade my baggie:

You can find all of the details for how to quickly and easily make a Box Tops Box for your fridge on the Epiphany Crafts blog today. It was really easy and now my fridge is a bit more stylish :).

Well, Josh and I had a FABULOUS time in Tahoe! My head is still spinning with all the fun stuff we were able to accomplish in just a weekend. I'll recap tomorrow, as well as reveal the winner of my Golden Birthday giveaway. Have a good one! Tessa

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  1. This is so clever. Much better than my method of throwing box tops in a drawer to be retrieved at a later time. I'm happy you had a great weekend in Tahoe. Love that place!


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