Monday, November 14, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude: Days 12-14

Hello! How was your weekend? When I wasn't teaching, I was in bed or on the couch - sick. But I'm feeling better and am looking forward to a little productivity today. Before I go get a few chores done, I need to catch up on my Attitude of Gratitude thoughts.

Day 12: I'm grateful for playtime with my boys. On Veteran's Day we put out our flag then ran to the craft store for some supplies. When we got home, we only had minutes before we snapped this photo at 11:11 am on 11/11/11. You'd think it was a bright sunny day with the squinty smiles I got, but no. I just don't think they were as into the photo as I was. That's their "humoring Mom" look. They were happy to take my photo (but I think that has something to do with getting to play with Mom's iPhone):

Anyway, after that we made jet packs (like this one here). It was fun just to hang out, without the pressures of getting off to school or doing homework. Good times :).

Day 13: I'm grateful when things don't always go as planned. On Saturday I had an afternoon of private lessons scheduled after my regular classes. I was sick, I was nursing shin splints in one leg (how I got them, I have no idea), but I didn't want to cancel on my kids. What happens? A private lesson cancels due to illness, another private lesson comes in earlier than scheduled, and it all works out so that I can get home and rest. Blessings counted :).

Day 14: Today I am grateful for my voice. Haha, I cannot sing. Let's just get that straight right now. However,  yesterday I had no voice. I couldn't talk on the phone and everyone thought it was funny to keep asking me, "What?" Today I am hoarse and my voice is still weak, but I have one. I'm grateful that I have more volume than a whisper and that I could actually say "I love you" out loud when I dropped the boys off at school.

I have started collecting things with the theme of gratitude onto a board over at Pinterest. I've pinned projects that you can do with your family, quotes, and gratitude journals that other crafters are putting together. If you'd like to take a look, you can find it here.

I hope your Monday is going well! Have a great day :). Tessa

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