Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 1

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I love this quotation from President Thomas S. Monson. It comes from an address you can find here. This is what my Attitude of Gratitude project is all about - lifting people up. We have enough negativity in our lives as it is. I hope this project brings light and happiness to everyone who participates.

Over the weekend, my son hurt his arm. It didn't seem broken or seriously hurt, but he was in a great deal of pain. My husband and my father gave him a priesthood blessing, and his disposition improved a bit. We planned to take him to the doctor first thing Monday morning if he wasn't feeling better. Sunday night was awful. My heart ached for Jaxon as he shouted in pain every time he tried to roll over in bed. It was a long, sleepless night. As soon as the older brothers were dropped off at school on Monday, we went to urgent care. The doctor found that he had nursemaid elbow, a partial dislocation. A quick pop back in and he was back to his normal self - within minutes! We are still moody because we are catching up on sleep, but he's okay. And I'm grateful. I'm grateful for priesthood blessings and for healthcare professionals and so much more.

What are you grateful for? If you would like to participate, you can read the invitation here. Many of you emailed me that you were joining in and even helped to spread the word. From those names, I've randomly drawn the winner of an Attitude of Gratitude kit from my shop. Congratulations to...


Please send me your mailing address and I'll get the kit off to you right away. And speaking of the Attitude of Gratitude kit, I've asked my friend Heidi Myers to be a guest designer for Precocious Paper this month, and she has been working her magic with the kit. Would you like to see her cover?

Amazing, right?! We'll reveal more as the month goes along. I'll be sharing my album here and there, too. If you would like a kit, there are still a handful available in the shop. I promise to ship quickly so that you can start recording your gratitude right away :).

I'm grateful that you stopped by today :). Have a great day! Tessa


  1. So happy to be sharing this journey with you this month, Tessa!!!! Thank you for having me! Your gratitude mini album kit is amazing. I can't wait to fill all the cool pages.


  2. Glad to hear it! I needed to think about what I am grateful for today as I am having a rough day and have an eye infection to boot. I know that I am very blessed though and compared to the trials and afflictions some people have it is nothing! :)

  3. Glad to hear your little guy is feeling better...its wore when our kiddos are in pain/sick/hurt then when we are...so excited to see I won! I definitely plan on joining in this month! Off to email you now! :)

  4. Hey sweetie....lovely work from Heidi...hope Jaxon is better. How is everyone? Miss you...was just checking our pictures yesterday! Gotta scrap them hehehe. Tons of love :)

  5. Oh so happy your son got his arm popped back in- it is so painful, and I understand how he must have been miserable.
    So happy to see that so many people are joining the Attitude of gratitude . We need all the positive we can get in everyone's life.

  6. Such an inspiring quote to start things off. So glad your son's arm was easily fixed. Love the project from Heidi!

  7. Wowza! Love what Heidi did with the flower!


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