Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude: Days 19-22, The Studio

There's a new challenge at The Studio and it's all about gratitude - with a twist! Rather than the typical answers of family and health, you must choose something superficial, silly, or something you could easily live without to be the subject of your layout. I chose socks, specifically my husband's athletic no-shows that I like to steal for work.

The real blessing here is that my husband doesn't mind when I steal a pair from his drawer without asking. He's a cool guy like that. Definitely a keeper :).

I hope that by doing this challenge, people realize that the little things that may seem silly are really important and deserve just as much gratitude as family and good health. Play along here for a chance to win $25.00 in Precocious Paper goodies :).

As for Attitude of Gratitude, I have fallen a bit behind. I had a very full weekend and spent most of yesterday trying to corral the boys and catch up on housework. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is something I think about constantly, though, so it isn't far from my heart even when I'm away from the blog.

Day 19: I am grateful for my husband's job. Getting him through school with two young children was really difficult, then watching the economy erode as he entered the job market was frightening. We've been truly blessed to see things fall into place for work. Things may not have gone as planned, but things have worked out and worked out well. He's been getting great performance reviews and I am really proud of him. His job allows me to stay home with the boys for five days a week, and I feel incredibly blessed by that.

Day 20: I am grateful that I have been blessed with talents that I can share with others. I love to teach, dance and craft and I was able to do all three with a big group of kids on Sunday. I did a birthday party for a student of mine at the dance studio and it was so much fun! They made scrapbook pages as their gathering activity, they learned a hip hop routine and we played fun games. The group of kids was great, the birthday girl's family was wonderful to work with and it felt really good to spend a couple of hours making kids happy.

Day 21: I am grateful that others bless my life with their talents. I love that everyone has their own unique and special abilities. As I peruse Pinterest, I am blown away by the recipes. I'm not much of a cook or baker. I can learn, but I am not intuitive or inventive when it comes to food. I am grateful that talented people share their recipes and know-how so that I can fake it in the kitchen. Last night I made these (with white chocolate chips) and they were very good. Click photo for source.

Day 22: I am grateful for the time I have this week to spend with my boys. We are passing off Cub Scout things (ha ha, "things" - I don't have the terminology down yet!), watching movies and reading books together, catching up on chores, and just hanging out. No pressures of homework or schedules to keep. Just us. I am thoroughly enjoying it. And I'm sure I'll be ready for school to start back up on Monday :).

I hope you are enjoying your day! Thanks for stopping by! Tessa 


  1. Love your layout! And the sweet story behind it :-)

  2. this layout is GREAT! I need to actually take pictures of the "things" I appreciate but don't need. :) thanks for your days of gratitude, it's FUN to read!

  3. Love this layout Tessa! I do the same thing with Keith's socks... they are great! So much better than the ones I would buy in the women's section!


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