Sunday, May 4, 2014

SMASH Sunday - Silver Selfie Book + a Tutorial

Hello! Last week I shared on instagram that I picked up a couple of new SMASH books - the silver couture style portfolio and the large pocket portfolio. I couldn't let them sit untouched long and started the silver book. I've decided to make it my "selfie" book. I only take a selfie when I need a new headshot for facebook or a blog, so it may be a challenge to fill a whole book, but I think it will be fun. This is the first page I did, with my latest selfie:

I LOVE the yellow and fuchsia! The fuchsia was a perfect match for my selfie and I love yellow, so this page came together fast. I layered pieces of patterned paper from my scraps drawer, magazine clippings (the giant flower), and washi for the right side.

On the left, I added a polka dot glassine bag, another magazine clipped flower, thread, washi, and an old Elle's Studio tag (love those things! Still hoarding a bunch...). I left the rest of the page as is because I didn't want to cover up the gorgeous illustration. Plus, there were the perfect little spots for journaling. I only added mist splatters.

I couldn't stop at just one page, so I also created this one:

I love the combination of orange and green (can you tell I'm drawn to color?). The left page reads "looks I love", so I smashed some magazine clippings and stickers and then journaled about why I love those things.

The right page was just the sketch of the face, and I didn't want to cover up very much, so I kept my design to the right edge as much as I could: some patterned paper, my selfie, washi, word tiles and Prima flowers.

I didn't have any flowers that would match the orange/yellow across the page spread, so I decided to make my own. A new instagram friend recently asked for Color Shine tips, and this is an easy one with fabulous results:

Make sure you let the flowers dry before shutting them into your book. I used three and spread them out this way not only for the design but also to help the page stay as flat as possible when the book is closed to avoid warping.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Feel free to visit my flickr photostream for more shots of these pages, as well as my SMASH book Pinterest board for more inspiration. You can follow me on instagram here, too. Have a good one! Tessa

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